Tianjin Darentang pharmaceutical Jingwanhong Co. Ltd and Beijing Tongrentang "Roca old shop" the same ancestor, the same strain, inherited the old shop of Roca. The Chinese enterprises as the time-honored enterprises, high-tech enterprises, the national model of harmonious labor relations in enterprises, the contract Shou Credit enterprises, the Chinese medicine cultural education base, the Ministry of national industrial brand development business model, the national model worker, National Union "staff house" demonstration, China enterprise education advanced unit 100 the Chinese time-honored enterprises, inheritance and innovation of advanced units, Tianjin City Labor award advanced units, Tianjin city outstanding science and technology little giant enterprises in Tianjin City, intangible cultural heritage protection demonstration base, Tianjin "charity star", "Tianjin model" charity care contribution award of Tianjin enterprises, industrial tourism demonstration enterprises, the first private the art troupe practice base, Tianjin City artists creation base. The enterprise has two A Well-Known Trademark in China - Jingwanhong and Biqi brand, four well-known trademarks in Tianjin city and a Tianjin City Chinese medicine treatment technology engineering center.